Our Step-by-Step Business Valuation Improvement Plan...

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Step 1

Proven Financial Performance

Revenue and Profit. We’ll work with you and your finance team to ensure your accounts will withstand the toughest scrutiny.

Its possible we’ll recommend that you have your accounts fully audited to demonstrate full disclosure and reliability.

Step 2

Capacity For Growth

As business owners we are often very proud of our company’s history of growth. What we miss is that this mindset is out of kilter with our buyers – who are only interested in the FUTURE

When we look at the business from their perspective we see the need to fully explain and document the potential or capacity for growth of the business.

Step 3

The Most Dangerous Number In A Business

Is ‘one’ of course. We look at your company in terms of risk associated with:

Step 4


Profit does not equal cashflow – it is the lifeblood of any business, and many successful businesses have failed as a result of restricted cashflow.

So – to be clear, are you collecting your receivables in the shortest time, and distributing supplier payments in the longest time?

Are you making sound financial decisions on pricing, staffing, and are you taking only educated risks with your spending? We’ll check out your cashflow forecasts and logic on spending to ensure that your cash situation is optimal at all times, and ready for buyer scrutiny.

Step 5

Recurring Revenue

This is the chunk of a company’s income that is expected to continue into the future. The advantage over a one-off sale is predictability, stability, and it can be anticipated that these will continue, with a high degree of probability, to occur into the future.

If you don’t have a stream of recurring income – you need us.

Our team of business analysts will identify and help you implement opportunities for recurring income for your business, increasing the value of your business exponentially.

Step 6

Monopoly Influence

This is basically the ability to control how you price your product. Creating a unique marketing proposition gives you the ability to decide your pricing.

Thus, you control your margin and by doing so you have more to invest in sales and marketing – bringing together a self-sustaining chain reaction. We will encourage you to scrutinise the way you’re marketing your business – whether it be your website, the signwriting on your van, your email marketing or podcasts, asking the questions – is it meaningful to customers and do they care?

Does it make a difference?

These are the drivers which will influence your ability to control your pricing.

Step 7

Customer Satisfaction

Your buyer is buying the future – they will want to know how satisfied your customers are in order to find out how successful the business will be at least in the short to medium term. We use a Net Promoter to quantitatively ascertain the loyalty of your customer base.

This can then be correlated with revenue growth.

Once we have the score, we will identify ways of improving customer satisfaction with your organisation as and where necessary to show a positive revenue growth as we lead the sale of your business.

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