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Step 1

Finding your perfect buyer takes time and expertise

At CIBB, understanding your business and needs is key to ensuring that the process of selling your business is as fast and fluid as possible. Once you’ve put your trust in us, you’ll benefit from the support of our team of highly experienced professionals, all of whom have their own unique roles. This is the key to simplifying and speeding up the business sale process.

We will prepare your marketing and other professional documentation to ensure the best chances of selling your business. We will guide you in dealing with buyers during face to face meetings. We have our own in house research team to source potential buyers to guarantee genuine and realistic offers and ultimately, a sale.

The decision to sell your business is never taken lightly. At CIBB, our commitment to you is the investment of our team and resources to ensure you get complete peace of mind throughout.

Step 2

Confidentiality is key when we connect with decision-makers

We will always consult with you first before we approach a potential buyer. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality policy so everything we do is reviewed and signed off by you. Only once a potential acquirer has signed an NDA will we reveal your company’s full identity to them, ensuring full discretion.

Through years’ of experience, we’ve learned that by listening to the market, we’re able to gather, analyse, and assess ALL feedback from potential buyers in order to be able to react appropriately.

We always look to discover acquirers motivations and interests so that we can respond intelligently. From here, we follow up and arrange that all-important first meeting.

everything we do
is reviewed and signed off by you.
Step 3
Creating a competitive environment

Maximising your Business Value

We like to create a competitive edge when it comes to selling your business in order to present multiple interested buyers simultaneously.

Once the initial meeting has taken place to demonstrate the opportunities your business represents, we’ll provide a timeframe for initial offers and further negotiations. We maintain full momentum – key in any business sale.

Once you have mutually agreed an offer, the process of due diligence will begin. Our professional team will then act to ensure smooth completion of the sale.

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